Using the Volunteer Management Software, prospective volunteers can apply online and the system will automate and track the processes needed for them to become active volunteers while ensuring your program is compliant.

Manage Volunteer Data

Prospective Class A volunteers can apply online in a three-step process:

1. Create a login and select the program they would like to volunteer with
2. Enter their personal information
3. Sign a consent and release

The system will track the application process as well as storing the data of all active Class A volunteers.


  • Confidential information requirements can be tailored to your State’s legal requirements.
  • Once prospective volunteers submit their application, the system automatically conducts a secure background check.
  • Any background screenings that come back not clear, will appear in the Admin dashboard marked, ‘Review Required’.

Online Training Programs

The Special Olympics Volunteer Management Software comes with a basic training set that can be modified to meet your Program’s needs.

  • Applicants can begin the training process once their application is submitted. They can also logout and any progress will be saved until they log back in to complete it.
  • Any applicant that has passed their background checks but have not completed their training will be flagged on the Admin dashboard.
  • Existing Class A Volunteers will be sent reminders when it’s time for their refresher training.
  • Shows volunteers who have passed a background check but haven’t completed their training